Bio-Individual Program

Nutrition Programs Customized to Your Body’s Needs


  • Customized for bio-individuality
  • Tailored to your lifestyle
  • Flexible for your unique challenges
  • Meal plans for YOUR body’s needs


  • We believe there is no “right” diet that works for everyone
  • We always use the latest scientific science
  • We may suggest supplementation but only if necessary and only with the highest quality products


  • Weekly accountability & ongoing support
  • Coaching to resolve your unique challenges
  • Meal plans and recipes that fit into your lifestyle

About Healthy Nest Nutrition’s Bio-Individual Programs

There is no single right diet for everyone. Whether Keto, Whole30, low-carb, vegan..not one diet is right for everyone. It all depends on the unique makeup and function of your own body, combined with your goals. Some of these factors include:

With a customized, bio-individual program (which most commonly consist of 4–6 visits), Robin will do research via questionnaires and in-person assessments to determine the ideal diet for your body. And then, most importantly, help you implement it in a way that is doable for your lifestyle.

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