Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Reach Your Goals the Healthy Way

If You Give Your Body What It Needs, It Will Respond Positively

Healthy Nest Can Get You There

Finding your body balance is crucial to meeting both weight gain and weight loss goals. HOW do you find your food balance? It depends on many factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Activity level
  • Foods likes & dislikes
  • Cooking prowess
  • Hormone functioning
  • Stress
  • And lots more

How We Approach Weight Loss and Weight Gain

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we know that weight gain, weight loss and weight management goals require a couple of really important components.

1. The right combination of food. We create bio-individualized percentages of macronutrients for your body and track the numbers via an online app. At Healthy Nest we have this one down. We’ll tinker with the numbers until you, with confidence, see the changes you are looking for.

2. Planning, prepping, organizing, ordering, etc. Otherwise known as the details for making it happen! Healthy Nest has LOTS of ideas in this area from throw together, easy recipes, to who to call to get food delivered in a pinch.

3. The right headspace to be able to follow your best diet — otherwise known as “food therapy.” And…

4. Fostering consistency in food choices, so that you create food habits that match your best diet. Healthy Nest provides the right amount of accountability at the beginning, to build new habits in the long run.

A Word About Weight Loss

Our philosophy around weight loss is slow and steady wins the race! This will be a slower paced loss, but happily, while you are losing unwanted pounds, you will also be created your best diet that you will easily be able to maintain. Isn’t that what we want? Lose it once, keep it forever?

All the while, you’ll feel full, energized and satisfied by delicious whole foods. NO gimmicks, real food at a pace where you can live your life and meet your weight goals.

A Word About Weight Gain

Our approach is similar to weight loss in that we manage our macronutrients until your body responds. Just like weight loss, weight gain is hard but doable with delicious whole foods. Please don’t eat junk just because you want to gain weight. Do it healthfully using ancient grains, good-quality plant and animal proteins and lots of avocado. Again, NO gimmicks, real food at a pace where you can live your life and meet your weight goals.