digestive repair

Healthy Nest’s Digestive Repair & Rebuild Program

let’s get to the bottom of your belly blues

“It might be something you’re eating”

Food intolerances, food sensitivities and food allergies can not only show up as digestive discomfort, but can also cause skin rashes, headaches, brain fog, sleep problems and focus issues. These concerns can range from pesky and mildly uncomfortable to severe, and without intervention can last months or even years. We often have clients come to us at their wits’ end. They have exhausted a laundry list of culprits and are finally wondering, “Maybe it’s something I’m eating?” Whether you have brain fog, constipation or a large intestinal autoimmune illness like Celiac disease, we can pinpoint your problem foods and find the specific list of foods that are right for you. If you suspect that you have a food sensitivity, food intolerance, food allergy or other dietary concern, a certified nutritionist at Healthy Nest Nutrition can help.

food sensitivity testing

Healthy Nest uses only the latest science-based, state-of-the-art food sensitivity testing. However, we don’t find it necessary to test everyone who comes to us with digestive distress. We can often use elimination diets and other tools to get to the bottom of your issues. Some people come to us wanting to test right away, and that’s great! The bottom line is that you and your Healthy Nest nutritionist will decide together whether testing is right for your body, issue and budget.

the repair process

  • We look for your individual food intolerance, sensitivity and allergies
  • We analyze what you eat, when you eat and how you feel afterward
  • We use blood, urine, poop and saliva tests to ensure we get to the bottom of your problem
  • We identify & replenish macro- and micro-nutrients

the rebuild process

Once we’ve identified your problem foods and/or habits, we’ll develop a nutrition plan customized to your body, lifestyle and cooking ability. We provide plenty of support so that you know EXACTLY what delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner options you have. We’ll plan weekly menus  tailored to you that are both doable and delicious. Along the way, you’ll have one-on-one sessions with a Healthy Nest nutritionist. Our Digestive Repair & Rebuild Program includes four 1-hour sessions, and that’s all most of our clients need to resolve their issues!

Digestive Repair Replace Program Guide Cover

New! Digestive Repair & Rebuild Program Guide

A take-home guide filled with food exercises, symptom tracking, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and more!

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