Sugar Addiction

It Is Possible To Painlessly Kill Those Cravings

Do You Crave Sugar?

Eating sugar puts you on an energy rollercoaster. The more sugar you eat, the more you want. And we are not just talking Snickers — we are talking all candy, muffins, breads, pastas, chips, pizza, rice, pasta, etc. Mostly white things, really (“worthless whites” include white flour, sugar, pasta and rice!) This creates a vicious cycle, with your body needing sugar throughout the day in order to feel good.

What if you learned to live a more balanced life? Eating meals and snacks that kept you energized but NOT a slave to sugar?

We need sugar — just not as much as most people eat. We need to learn to manage sugar. Too much causes intense sugar cravings, feelings of sugar addiction, brain fog, irritability and then possibly a doctor’s diagnosis of pre-diabetes, hypoglycemic or insulin resistance.

You might also have middle weight gain, skin issues, mood issues, PMS symptoms, susceptibility to colds and flu, disrupted sleep, memory issues, vision issues or other seemingly unrelated issues. But, if you suspect they are related, Healthy Nest Nutrition can help you reduce your daily sugar intake.