Diet & High Cholesterol

Cholesterol Levels Are Highly Regulated By Diet

We Can Help Bring Your Cholesterol Into Healthy Ranges

Cholesterol is a substance primarily made in the liver. The liver makes several different kinds of cholesterol, and some better than others. The liver and creation of how much cholesterol is highly influenced by your diet.

New nutrition research has shed light on this topic. The amount of saturated fat in the diet is less important for higher cholesterol than older science said it was. Other dietary factors contribute to your body’s total cholesterol levels.

Some of these other factors include:

  • Increasing fiber in your diet helps to lower cholesterol (by binding & excreting bile, so your body uses more and gets it out of the bloodstream)
  • Eating fruits and veggies increases your fiber, but also provides the body with anti-oxidants which combats plague (by preventing LDL from oxidizing).
  • Spices help to lower cholesterol with their large amounts of anti-oxidants.
  • Eating more unsaturated fats is proven to lower cholesterol
  • Avoiding processed foods and sugar lowers cholesterol
  • Lowering your levels of inflammation, choosing an anti-inflammatory diet lowers cholesterol

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, our whole practice is filled with anti-inflammatory menus, recipes and suggestions on how to create and sustain a lifestyle that is anti-inflammatory and filled with whole foods that will lower your cholesterol with food.