family nutrition makeover

A doable & delicious plan for the whole family

doable meal planning

  • Recipes, shopping lists & more
  • Customized to your family’s needs
  • Easy, delicious & doable

help for picky eaters

  • Food wisdom for children
  • Healthy swaps for favorite foods
  • Doable & delicious family recipes

nutrient-rich foods

  • Help for concentration issues
  • Targeted supplementation
  • Life-long healthy-eating tools

About the Family Nutrition Makeover Program

As a mother of three, Healthy Nest founder Robin Hutchinson understands the challenges of ensuring your family eats nutritious, whole-food meals. After working with dozens of families to tackle common nutrition obstacles, Robin designed Healthy Nest’s Family Nutrition Makeover Program.

Appropriate for families with kids school-age through teens, the Family Nutrition Makeover Program includes four sessions with Robin along with meal plans, recipes, grocery-store cheat sheets and other tools and tips to help you feed your family healthy, whole foods every day.

Growing kids need a varied, nutrient-filled diet in order to grow, learn and thrive. You’ve probably heard about the gut-brain connection — one that’s especially important in children. Kids (small and large) who are experiencing brain fog, focus and concentration issues, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, mental exhaustion and mood swings are not balanced nutritionally. Let us help you clear the cobwebs and infuse them with nutritious food. A whole-food diet with targeted supplementation REALLY helps kids’ brains. Plus, teaching your child how to eat healthy from a young age is one of the best gifts you can give them!

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What’s included in the Family Nutrition Program:

  • 4 one-hour, private sessions with a personal certified nutritionist
  • Coaching on how to meet your family’s specific challenges
  • Doable solutions to real problems
  • Customized meal plans for picky eaters
  • Program guide with food lists, meal planning & recipes
  • Food therapy & nutrition lessons for school-age kids

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