Food Sensitivity & Intolerance and Your Skin

I had a client visit me yesterday who is in Denver temporarily, but living in Europe, living a very European lifestyle—as she explained it, lots of bread, cheese & wine.  She has been struggling with psoriasis.  SO, we decided to food intolerance & sensitivity blood test her so see if something she was eating regularly was the culprit of her skin ailments.  She was not willing to go through the brain-drain of a full elimination diet (which is the gold standard here).  For her situation, I decided a blood draw would be more efficient.  We are testing 200 foods for an immune reaction.

I haven’t gotten results yet, but I know that foods contribute to and can aggravate skin conditions.  I’ve had many clients come to see me for the same thing.  Sometimes it’s gluten, sometimes dairy, but mostly it’s a combination of too much sugar with these other problems. It’s an individual journey.

In the meantime, we ARE cleaning up her diet, a little– LOTS of colored veggies, less white foods, the dastardly whites I affectionately call them:  white flour, rice, sugar and pasta. She is eating all whole foods-as much as possible.

Sometimes an anti-inflammatory diet does the trick—lots of veggies, and good healthy whole fats without the packaged processed sugary foods.

Change of diet usually contributes to improvements.  The link between diet and skin is not talked about much, but is impactful.  I checked the National Psoriasis Foundation site recently, and they DO NOW recognize the link between food and skin.  A nice improvement.

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