Deli Meats

Posted on Feb. 3, 2012

Are some deli meats better than others?

This week a client asked about eating deli meats for lunch.  Surely, they are a fast and easy protein source, but are they healthy?  I decided to investigate.  It turns out, as I suspected, not all deli meats are created equal.  Some have fillers, nitrates, and additives that we want to avoid.  I did find a couple of lines that are better for you than others. 

Boars Head
Boars Head’s All Natural line of meats are all gluten-free, have no artificial ingredients and are minimally processed.  This line of Boar’s Head has no antibiotics and hormones, no nitrates, no nitrites, no MSG, and no preservatives.  The All Natural line has no fillers, are low fat, and are milk free. The animals are vegetarian grain fed, and are humanely raised.  I think it’s the best of the deli meat options.

Some Boars Head products are marked with a diamond, and have been approved by the Feingold Foundation.  The Feingold Foundation’s purpose if to create awareness about how foods with synthetic additives can change behavior, hinder learning and create health problems.  Products that have the Feingold diamond designation have less synthetic additives, or are a little better for you.

In Denver, Boars Head can be found at Whole Foods Market and Sunflower Market.  The Boars Head information phone number is 800-884-2627. 
Examples of Boars Head All Natural Line include:
Roasted turkey breast
Roasted turkey breast with lemon and herb
Smoked turkey breast
Oven roasted beef

Dietz and Watson
Dietz and Watson’s meats can be found in Denver at Alberston’s Supermarkets.  Their products have no nitrates, no MSG, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and some products have lower sodium contents.  I think this line is also heads above the norm, and is better than most.
Examples of Dietz & Watson products include:
Applewood smoked turkey Breast
Angus Roast Beef
Applewood smoked ham
Roast Turkey Breast & Uncured dinner ham

I tried to find nutritional information for Safeway’s Primo Taglio’s deli meat line.  There is no information on the Safeway website about nutritional content, fillers, additives, or anything else. 

So, hope that helps give you a bit of insight when as you buy your groceries next week.