Healthy Vegan/Vegetarian

Many people on vegan diets don’t feel well, and for good reason.

Our Healthy Vegan/Vegetarian program includes:

  • How you SHOULD feel on this diet
  • How you MAY feel if you’re missing important nutrients
  • What to do about any digestive issues due to the change in diet
  • Which nutrients to watch
  • Foods to avoid due to anti-nutrients
  • How to ensure you’re getting complete complementary proteins by plant-based food combining
  • Supplements & testing suggestions (as needed)
  • Menus
  • Lots of recipe Ideas
  • Grocery lists
  • Tips and tricks for eating out
  • Suggestions for meal delivery
  • Tweaks to meet your bio-individuality
  • Mindfulness & accountability to ensure you are actually a healthy vegan

We Can Help You Be a Healthy Vegan or Vegetarian and Feel Amazing

listen to your body

The vegan diet excludes animal products, byproducts or any food containing animal ingredients. We respect your dietary choices and want to make you as healthy as possible. People choose a vegan diet for dietary, health-related, environmental and ethical reasons mostly, but regardless of your reasons, it’s really important to be a healthy vegan and not rely on processed soy or other non-meat alternatives. You MUST eat lots of whole plant foods and get all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important nutrients to have your body run smoothly. Our Healthy Vegan Program guides you on how to do exactly that.

The vegetarian diet is a little less strict than the vegan diet. It includes eggs and dairy but excludes other animal products and byproducts. People choose the vegetarian diet for dietary, environmental, ethical and health-related reasons. We respect your dietary choices and want to make you as healthy as possible. To be a healthy vegetarian, it’s very important to eat a broad-spectrum of nutrients, and to avoid eat foods that would impede your success in feeling great and meeting health goals.

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