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What to Eat for Lunch When You’re Crazy Busy

healthy food for work-from-home & online school days

We know parents are juggling kids while trying to work and take care of EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING. It’s busy, it’s tricky and it’s kind of exhausting. So, lunch has to be the easiest of meals–fast, simple and delicious. There’s nothing simpler than rolling 2 to 3 ingredients up and munching them down.

Here is our totally do-able approach to whole food lunches:

Turkey Roll-Ups

  • Good quality (Whole Foods Market in-house or Boar’s Head) deli turkey
  • Avocado, tomato, red pepper, and/or cucumber spear or other slivered veggie or veggie combo
  • Spread hummus or your favorite dip on turkey. Roll the turkey around the veggies. Serve.

Ham Roll-Ups

  • Thinly sliced good quality deli ham (Boar’s Head)
  • Slice of red onion, bell pepper or other veggie
  • A bit of good quality mayo or mustard
  • Spread mayo/mustard on ham and roll the ham around the veggie. Serve.

Prosciutto Roll-Ups

  • Sweet: Prosciutto-style ham slice and apple slice. Spread with honey mustard, roll and serve.
  • Savory: Prosciutto-style ham slice with grainy mustard and a slice of jarred roasted red pepper and a couple of pieces of arugula. Roll and serve.

Roast Beef Roll-Ups

  • Thinly sliced good quality roast beef (Boar’s Head) with Dijon mustard and dill pickles. Roll and serve.

Just roll-ups themselves are great for lunch. Normally, 4 roll-ups is a good lunch for an adult; 2-ish for kids. If you are looking for more umph for main dishes at lunch, you can wrap all of the above in the following:

  • Butter lettuce–this is just delicious
  • A flour tortilla as a wrap
  • Rice cakes as a base and build a tower

All super easy and delicious!

If you still need more, add fresh fruit or a satisfying side of chopped veggies and dip (hummus, tzatziki, etc.) Really, there is no need for the chips or any other packaged foods to slip in. This is a dangerous slope and where we slip up with sodium and bad fat overloads.

we’re here to help

Want more detail or help outlining a whole foods diet for you and/or your family? Please reach out! Healthy Nest Nutrition is here for you. We have whole food programs and customizable info to meet your food needs. And we make them achievable–even on your busiest weeks.

Schedule a complimentary consult with a holistic nutritionist. We’ll help you reach your health goals using food, targeted specific supplementation, and testing as needed.