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Healthy Pick-up Lunches

Grabbing lunch to go? Here’s where to head and what to order.

When you’re really in a hurry, there are lots of pick-up options that can meet your food goals. Just be smart about where you go and what you select from the menu. These restaurant options will help you stay focused through your busy afternoon.

  • SALADS: There are LOTS of places to grab a salad. Grab some greens, toss in as much color as possible, and add a lean protein. It’s as easy as that!
  • TRADER JOES:Hummus, white bean dip, olive tapenade and cut up veggies or crackers (preferably GF) will do in a pinch.
  • CHIPOTLE:Grab a salad, hold the dairy, add avocado, go light on the BROWN rice and beans, add the fajita veggies for an extra veggie punch. Order the Whole 30 salad, Paleo salad or Clean salad.
  • GARBANZO’s:Salad or plate, hold the falafel, add chicken (or other lean protein), go light on the rice, say yes on all of the veggies.
  • SANDWICHES:Keep it simple with meat and veggies on whole grain bread. Skip the chips. Better yet, get an “unwich,” meaning hold the bread and put it in a lettuce wrap.
  • PANERA:The soup and half salad is a great option, choose the butternut squash soup over the creamy or noodle soups. Skip the bread, add the apple.
  • MOD MARKET:Go with a salad with protein on top. Soups are good, too. Stay away from calzones or big bready sandwiches.
  • TOKYO JOES:Choose brown rice and lean protein with veggies. No sauce if possible.
  • SUSHIis another clean option. Pick the fatty fish.

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