A woman in a green shirt is cutting food.

Really, are you Ready for Weight Loss?

Are you mentally prepared to work on yourself? Take our quiz to find out.

What Weight Loss Looks Like

Weight loss at Healthy Nest Nutrition is forever. It’s NOT a program. NOT a 6-week plan. NOT a diet. NOT a food prison. It’s a low, slow, sustained effort to find your best diet and a food framework that works with your life. One that you can do for….ever! One that will get you to your health, wellness and weight goals.

We ask all new weight loss clients if they are mentally ready to work on themselves. If the answer is YES–we go. If not, we encourage them to wait until a better time. Your success depends on your answers to the following questions.

Weight Loss Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you really have time to work on yourself?

This is a tough but really important question and crucial to your change effort. If you simply do not have time to work on yourself, you won’t be successful. We ask you to plan your food, do some cooking (or at least throw food combos together) for meal time and take time to enjoy your food. If you’re so busy that you cannot see yourself prioritizing yourself and your food life, now might not be the best time for this work.

What is your true motivation for weight loss?

We have found that if you’re losing weight to be strong, fit and healthy for yourself, that’s the best reason. If you’re thinking about losing weight for someone besides yourself, it doesn’t work. You must have intrinsic motivation to keep at it day in and day out. Weight loss success comes from within.

Will you really focus on what you eat?

We call this “head in the game!” A foundational piece of our work together is mindfulness. Meaning, you’ll CHOOSE your food mindfully each mealtime/snack time. Just eating what is put in front of you, for example chips, probably won’t get you to your goals. But, choosing carrots and hummus will. You must participate in your food life.

Will you plan, prep and cook?

Delicious food just doesn’t appear at the right times. It is planned, prepped, cooked ahead of time, or thoughtfully prepped to be thrown together last minute. Ask yourself:

  • Will you spend some time 2x/week to plan for 3 days-ish?
  • Will you go to the grocery store (or get food delivered)?
  • Will you prep (wash, chop, marinate, etc.) your veggies and proteins?
  • Will you package your healthy lunch?
  • Will you follow your plan?

These actions don’t require a lot of time, but are crucial to your food life and to reaching your goals.

Are you willing to change your social habits?

At Healthy Nest, we believe in eating for fuel AND celebration. Meaning, we want you to meet up with friends. And we know that our culture socially connects with food. So, go out! Please. But not too often, and you don’t NEED to blow the day when it comes to socializing.

Finding your voice is another foundational piece to long lasting weight loss. Sometimes you have to change the course of a plan that has been hatched by a friend. Most times friends will not care if they have pizza for dinner or sushi, but you DO care. You can communicate your needs with your friends in order to stay on point. You can play with friends and eat for your goals.

The best scenario is when you can change a food date to an activity date. This is a major lifestyle shift to a more active way to get together with friends. Instead of meeting at a bar or on a patio for drinks, meet at the park for volleyball or Frisbee.

The tortoise wins the race. Is that ok?

This is a lifelong commitment. It’s creating a lifestyle that works for you. We’re happy if you lose a small incremental amount of weight on a weekly basis until you hit your goals. AND THEN THE WORK BEGINS! We actually want you to STAY at your goal weight. That’s the real goal. Is that OK? It’s important that you understand our low and slow philosophy. Honestly, it’s the special sauce for Healthy Nest’s weight loss success.