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Accountability is KEY to Attaining Your Food Change Goals

In order to build new food habits and be successful at diet changes, you must show up, do the work and be accountable to the effort. This is a BIG piece for Healthy Nest Nutrition. Our emphasis on this part of diet changes is a major reason why our peeps learn how to eat for their bodies and don’t revert back to their original/not working for them food plans. We think it is part of our special sauce!

What is Food Change Accountability

What does this mean? It means you prioritize your food life a little bit more than you did yesterday. Because you are worth it, even on your busiest of days. The added emphasis on your food life can and should translate into more mindful food choices. Better food choices should equate to meeting your food change goals and achieving long-term food change success.

Be Accountable to You–Dare to Show Up

We eat, on average, three to five times per day. That means we need to make food decisions three to five times per day. Mindless grabbing of chips normally doesn’t help food change goals. Mindlessly grabbing any food isn’t showing up for yourself. Intentionally choosing apple and nut butter keeps you energized and balanced so you can think about what you’d like to do with your time and what you’d like to eat next. If you’re energy unbalanced, you can’t think–you can’t make good food choices. Eating to keep your body balanced helps you stay your course, but it takes intentional thought to be your best self.

Accountability in Detail: Your Schedule

Eating on a schedule helps you to stay balanced and to have a plan. We are big fans of the mental food plan. How is your day going to go (with your food)? If you are well planned and scheduled, you’ll normally stick to your plan. A good creative and diverse food plan is one way to reach your food change goals.

Accountability in Detail: Your Numbers

Another way to reach your food goals is to look at how your food breaks down via logging your food through an online app. Many apps will break down your food in different ways. Are you getting enough macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) for your body? Are you getting your proper nutrients (Vitamin A, B’s, C, minerals)? Depending on your situation, you might need more protein or more healthy fats. Setting number goals through an online app is a great way to stay accountable to your food change goals.

Accountability to Your Nutritionist

We will be your team lead until you learn to lead yourself

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we hold your hand. We join your food change team. We help you set your goals. We help you stick to them and do the right thing even when you’re tempted, tired and not feeling it. It’s ALWAYS easier with a team. It takes time and energy and creativity and grit to change your diet. Get a team. It makes the accountability piece easier.