A group of people in the kitchen with pots and vegetables.

Quiz: How Strong is Your Family Nutrition Game?

Is the ‘food thing’ a struggle? Start NOW for a better family nutrition plan.

There are strategies and habits to start NOW that will make meal times go WAY more smoothly. Let’s assess your current situation. Answer the following questions to see if there is room for improvement.

Family Nutrition QuestionsYESNO
Do you struggle with the question of “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?”
Do you order takeout more than once a week?
Do your kids complain “there is nothing in the fridge to eat?”
Do you START planning dinner at 5:30 or later?
NORMALLY, is there a general lack of meal planning?
Would pre-cutting veggies be helpful in meal prep?
Do you forget to use your current frozen food in weekly meal prep?
Is it a stretch to cook extra food for the next day’s meals?
Do you struggle to pack your breakfast, lunch or snacks for the day’s activities?
Does your family’s food life cause stress in your life?

If you answered mostly YES to the questions, you could up your Family Nutrition Game.

Not to worry – we’re here to help. Check out our Family Nutrition Makeover program and reach out for a complimentary consult with holistic nutritionist Robin Hutchinson – she has raised her kids with healthy eating habits and can help determine your best route.