A close up of watermelon slices on ice

Healthy Summer Sweets

Easy summer throw-together recipes kids (and grown-ups) actually love.

Try these quick and easy recipes for sweet summer treats without breaking the good-for-you bank.

Watermelon Popsicles
Serves 4 I TheSpruceEats.com I Calories 86, Carbs 22g, Fat 0g, Protein 1g

Clean, Delicious and PERFECT for SUMMER!

2 1/2 cups deseeded watermelon
2 tablespoons lime juice

Blend the watermelon and lime juice until smooth. Pour the watermelon mixture into popsicle trays. After an hour, add the sticks. Freeze for another 2-3 hours or until solid. Put trays under warm water and the popsicle should come out of the tray easily.

Berry Kabobs with Nutty Dip
From 100 Days of Real Food

A family favorite! We’re always looking for ways to work in more fruit.

½ cup peanut butter (almond butter or nut butter can be substituted)
¼ cup coconut milk
1 tsp honey
¼ tsp vanilla extract
Fresh strawberries
Fresh blueberries

In a small bowl combine peanut butter, coconut milk, honey, vanilla and whisk with a fork until thoroughly combined. Add a few more splashes of coconut milk to help loosen the mixture and make it easier to stir if necessary. Cut the strawberries in half. Alternate them on wooden skewers with blueberries and serve with the dip on the side.

Cherry Almond Love Smoothie

This seasonal smoothie is healthy enough for breakfast!

2 leaves of kale, stalks removed
1 cup almond milk (or other alternative milk)
2 tbsp nut butter
½ cup frozen cherries
½ tsp almond extract
A couple of shakes of cinnamon (to taste)
2 types of extra protein (1 scoop powder, 2 scoops collagen, 2 tbsp hemp or chia seed)
Ice (optional)

Blend and enjoy!

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