A bowl of cereal with fruit and nuts on top.

It’s Time to Tackle Those Health Goals

What are your nagging health goals?

Now is the time to tackle them!

We’re all home more, social distancing and working to slow and stop Coronavirus. You can emerge from this quarantine slimmer, healthier, revived and energized. OR fat, sick and depressed. It’s your choice.

Let’s use this time wisely.

goal: better digestive health

Take a baby step in the right direction. Try all cooked foods for a couple of days. Cooking breaks down food fibers that maybe your stomach just doesn’t have the fire power to handle. Does it help with your acid reflux issues? Your big bloating issues? Stomach aches? It can really make a difference. Next steps? Ask us. We have lots of tools to help.

goal: kick sugar to the curb

Hold firm on not giving into your sugar cravings. Add healthy fat instead. It helps to curb the cravings and gives you a level of satisfaction that your body needs right now. Are you struggling? We have answers.

goal: get a jump on weight loss

Boredom and stress eating can get the best of us. Don’t derail your goals. It’s not worth it. It helps to set an alert on your phone and eat by the alert. No exceptions. I know it seems rigid, but it works to decrease the boredom, stress and other eating problems. Eat for fuel. Nothing else. Tap us for natural weight loss solutions.

Remember, right now food choices are more important than ever. Here are some timely tips to keep you happy and healthy.