Stronger Better Digestion the Healthy Nest Way

Strengthen Your Digestion–below are a handful of ideas that will strengthen your digestion and minimize gastrointestinal gas, bloating, constipation and pain. 

  • Slow down your Eating
  • Naturally increase stomach acid
  • Drink more water
  • Eat whole foods
  • Balance gut flora

Slow Down your Eating

TIP: Try slowing down when you eat. Eating slowly naturally increases chewing. More time chewing helps with food breakdown, which makes digestion easier, which in turn, minimizes the chances for stomach bloating.

Stress, Digestion & Bloating

Ongoing stress depletes the amount of stomach acid we have which negatively impacts digestion. For many people, digestive distress may be too little stomach acid. Digestive enzymes naturally raisies stomach acid.

TIP: Try to begin your day with lemon and water. Sometimes this is all you need to give your digestions some extra umph which can minimize stomach aches, bloating, and even GERD.

Digestion problems, Constipation & Hydration

Our bodies are primarily water. If you don’t replenish your supply, things get clogged up.

TIP: Drink ½ your body’s weight in ounces. That means a 100 pound person would drink 50 ounces of water everyday. Increased water will alleviate constipation. It helps to find a water bottle that you love and just keep filling it up.

Digestion problems & gut flora imbalance

Another common problem is a person’s intestinal balance of beneficial and opportunistic bacteria. Inside the digestive tract live a BUNCH of beneficial and opportunistic microorganisms including bacteria, yeast and fungi that serve as a big part of our immune system and protect us against foreign particles that may have found their way inside the body with our food.

TIP: unbalanced gut flora can contribute to  bloating and constipation. Increase your whole food intake, and decrease processed foods and SUGAR is the best way to naturally balance your gut flora. Just as important is taking a good quality probiotic supplement and eating live enzyme fermented veggies. 

There are several other reasons that people have problems with bloating, constipation, and stomach pain, but these are a couple of BIG reasons and likely culprits. Try a couple of these suggestions. Sometimes minor tweaks to your current routine make a big difference in overall feelings of well-being.

WHAT’S UP WITH YOUR DIGESTION? Contact Healthy Nest Nutrition— to explore what is going on with your digestion. Minor tweaks in your eating habits might make your digestion considerably better. Robin sees clients in Denver CO, and happily uses phone and skype for people who are outside Denver.

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