Healthy Nest’s The Learning Diet

The Learning diet is a foundational program for kids and adults that uses food and  food nutrients to make the body works as a well-oiled machine—just by eliminating foods that are causing problems, and promoting foods and nutrients that promote quelling inflammation, naturally strong detox and self-healing.

The Learning Diet is a framework that we developed based on the steps we regularly take with our clients with mental focus, and learning  issues. Healthy Nest client visits and discussions normally cover how best to clean up the diet to meet individual health goals– eliminating dietary and home unnatural ingredients and boosting nutrient dense foods.  We add-on targeting deficient vitamins and minerals, addressing food intolerance, balancing the gut microbiota, supporting the immune system and promoting detoxification.   We do this in a methodical manner, meeting clients where they are and slowly changing their go-to routines.  The trick is to make it doable and manageable even for the busiest family, student or working person.

At Healthy Nest Nutrition we work primarily with food—(what to eat, and what NOT to eat), targeted supplementation, natural food detox and most importantly forming good healthy lifestyle habits that will take you far towards body balance and feeling good.

As needed, testing suggestions may include:  micronutrient testing and food intolerance testing, and supplementation suggestions may be advised.

Specifics about the Learning Diet:
The Healthy Nest Learning Diet is a 6-month program, meeting with the holistic nutritionist every 2 weeks.  We will methodically move you through every aspect of changing your diet to better give you the foods/nutrition that your need so that you FEEL better and can THINK MORE CLEARLY. 

Step #1:  Cleaning up the diet
Step #2: Supplement Basics
Step #3: Starting Gut Rebalance
Step #4: Addressing Food intolerance and micronutrient Imbalance
Step #5: Life without food triggers
Step #6: Settling into a new diet routine; choose a diet framework
Step #7: Individualized Nutrient Boost
Step #8: More aggressive detox
Step #9: Immune support and inflammation
Step #10: Focusing on cleaning up the home
Step#11: Pulling it all together
Step #12: Assessing Progress and Next Steps

A note about individualization:  This journey is truly an individualized journey, so we must be sensitive, and react with, and to, personal progress and constraints as we venture to a healthier body.

Every single one of these framework steps are all pretty major shifts in daily routine.  Our job is to make these shifts as easy and possible.  So, we are there for you with recipes, menus, change suggestions, grocery store shops, as well as email support throughout the process.

Please email if you feel that you might benefit from Healthy Nest’s Learning Diet.  We are here to help you.  We offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consult with Robin Hutchinson, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, to make sure this program is right for you or someone in your family.

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