A smart phone sitting next to bowl of fruit.

Nutrition Apps That Actually Work

We downloaded, tested and loved these two health apps.

There are A LOT of wellness and nutrition apps out there. Apps to help you exercise, meditate, sleep better, track macros, hit your diet goals and more. We’ve narrowed down two that work wonders. Try these simple and straightforward nutrition apps to increase your water intake and streamline meal planning.

Water Llama
Stay hydrated. Feel great.
Water Llama is an easy-to-use app to track hydration. The best part is that it has a little sense of humor. You fill up the llama (or other animal of your choice) via color coded stripes for different liquids. You edit your own drink list to include water, sparkling water, tea and lots of other options, including booze (but please don’t use booze). You’ll get daily reminders to drink water to help relieve fatigue, boost energy and improve your productivity and mood.

Water Llama calculates your goal via your particular qualities and syncs with Apple Health. It really does help keep you well hydrated.

Cost: $3.99/month for the basic application

Plan to Eat
Eating at home made easy.
After working with clients for some time, I encourage them to create a “WINS file” or a way to capture all of the delicious food they have been eating so that next week, next month or next year, they can easily access and enjoy the seasonal recipes. Plan to Eat is a great app recipe organizer. They make it simple to cut and paste recipes into an area, choose them in menus and, with a click, a shopping list is created. Full nutrition information is provided for each recipe, you can edit or add notes as you please and you can share recipes or meal plans with friends and family. It’s a time-saver and an easy way to continue eating to your goals with consistency.

Cost: Free for 30 days, then $4.95/month

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