Life After Food Sensitivity Testing

Life After Food Sensitivity Testing 

If you can no longer eat gluten, soy, dairy or other diet staple, what should you eat? 

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we work really hard to make sure that after you test for food sensitivity & allergens, you’re crystal clear about WHAT to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. This is tricky sometimes. If you’ve been struggling for some time, you may have a large and scary list of things you’re reacting to. These foods will be flagged as severe or moderate reactions, and you should eliminate them from your diet so your body can repair.

This past week, we’ve worked with a family who has a daughter struggling with an inflammatory issue that is presenting partly as skin issues, constipation and gassiness. So, after some food allergen and sensitivity blood testing, we found out that gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, some nuts & seeds as well as some fruits & veggies were causing severe issues and contributing to her symptoms. It was a big list. The mom was very concerned about what to feed her daughter.


3415Adhering to this list requires some creativity in the kitchen. Over the weekend, our holistic nutritionists tested a dozen recipes for this family using alternative gluten-free flours: teff, buckwheat, coconut flour and several egg substitutes such as ground flax, banana and applesauce. We made many different versions of biscuits, pancakes and “breakfast cookies” because the family was struggling most with breakfast and snacks. Here are some pics of our cooking extravaganza 🙂

In the end, we developed alternate recipes that were fine for the family, delicious for the child and made everyone happy.

THIS is the level of care you can get at Healthy Nest Nutrition. We brainstorm, research and find answers to your issues. When working with us, you will know what to buy, make and eat to progress with your health goals — without ever worrying or wondering about being hungry. That’s our promise to you.

 CTA - Food Intolerance Jumpstart PackageTo connect with our holistic nutritionists and start a discussion about whether investigating food intolerance & allergens, please put yourselves on our calendar for a complimentary chat to make sure we feel like we can help you and you like where we are going. You can do that here:

Food intolerance testing is something we use to see in “black and white” what foods are causing your problems. We also use part or full elimination diets in the quest to figure out your food issues.

Food sensitivity causes all kinds of digestive, skin, brain and other issues. If you think this might be part of your problem, please reach out. There really is no need to continue to wonder whether foods you’re eating are part of your problems.


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