Should You Try a Food Sensitivity Test?

Are at-home food sensitivity tests like EverlyWell a good idea? 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the at-home EverlyWell food intolerance test that has been getting attention on Facebook and beyond. While we are big fans of figuring out the cause of your digestive issues, that particular test may or may not help you. EverlyWell tests IgG antibodies to foods, which is a delayed-onset reaction. That’s good. But, food sensitivities are often more complicated than that. Also, this particular test company doesn’t individually guide you on how to rectify your intestinal impermeability issues long term. That’s problematic.

When an At-Home Test Says You Have a Food Sensitivity

CTA - Food Intolerance Jumpstart Package

If your at-home test results say you have a sensitivity to a particular food such as gluten, soy, corn or dairy, then what? Do you cut it out completely? Are some versions OK? What are some healthy alternatives? If you heal your gut, can you add the food back into your diet at some point? Are there interactions or preparation methods that affect how your body reacts to the food?

The answers to these questions are specific to each person’s body and really require hand-holding by a professional nutritionist.

Digestive Distress Is Complex

The graphic below shows some detail on why you may be having food-related gastro problems.

As you can see, digestive distress can involve numerous factors that at-home food sensitivity tests can’t pinpoint. The holistic nutritionists at Healthy Nest, however, are trained to identify and solve for these complex issues. We are trained to understand what all of your pesky symptoms mean, and we have the experience to help you overcome your digestive distress.

Bottom line: If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on a fairly basic at-home test, you might as well engage a certified nutritionist to personally guide you to digestive health.

The Healthy Nest Approach

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, our holistic nutritionists come up with an individualized plan of action to tackle your digestion problems. It may include an antibody test (with more detail than the Everlywell test) or a selection of other best-in-class tests.  But, we’re only going to recommend a test if it fits with your symptomology and we feel it would be beneficial to actually solve your issues once and for all. Our powerful testing evaluative tools include: inflammation check, leaky gut analysis, IgE, IgG, IgM, IgA antibody tests, hormonal tests, gut microbiome tests and more. And, we have answers to the issues that we find. Further, we work really hard to make sure to solve the issue for the long term. That might include diet changes, supplementation and lifestyle tweaks.

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I got my life back working with Healthy Nest Nutrition!  Thank you so much for sticking with me and figuring out what many other people couldn’t.  The suggestions were so helpful, and very manageable.  My new diet is easy to follow and I have normal digestion for the first time in years.   –Nicole T.   (42 years old)

I was having digestive problems that were getting worse.  I just felt like I was reacting to everything I tried to eat.  Healthy Nest Nutritionists were very quick to solve my problems.  I wish I started with them three years ago!  No need to live with digestion problems.  They can help you figure it out.  We started with a semi-elimination diet.  Then, I was still having issues, so we tested IgG & IgE antibodies as well as a leaky gut test, which was key to figuring out the last piece of the puzzle.  Highly recommend Healthy Nest Nutrition.  –David E.  (32 years old)