A basket of vegetables is sitting on the table.

Healthy Vegan vs. Crappy Vegan

At Healthy Nest, we strongly believe that more veggies are always better! Some people decide to eat a plant-based diet and we support them with a plan for healthy vegan or vegetarian vs. what we affectionately call crappy vegan/vegetarian.

plant-based the right way

To us, healthy vegan/vegetarian means that your carbs are complex, proteins are primarily plant-food combined and complete and fats are healthful. It means LOTS of color, plant-based crunch and flavor on your plate. It means digestion is spot on and you’re feeling good, energized and satisfied by your food.

It DOES NOT mean white puffy baguettes for dinner with white simple pasta. It DOES NOT mean manufactured, processed protein crumbles. The vegan diet excludes animal products, byproducts or any food containing animal ingredients. We respect your dietary choices and want to make you as healthy as possible. People choose a vegan diet for dietary, health-related, environmental and ethical reasons mostly, but regardless of your reasons, it’s really important to be a healthy vegan and not rely on processed soy or other non-meat alternatives.

our program can help

You MUST eat lots of whole plant foods and get all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important nutrients to have your body run smoothly. Our Healthy Vegan Program guides you on how to do exactly that.

Let us show you the way–so that if you decide to live a plant-based diet, you do so in a healthy way vs. a crappy way. Our proven program includes four sessions with a holistic nutritionist, a book with lots of useful info, menus, recipes, and nutrient info to tailor your diet to your preferences and lifestyle.

Would you like to become a healthy vegan?”¨ We can help you”¨ get started with a free consultation!