Healthy Nest Nutrition-CASE STUDY, Food Intolerance & Sensitivity

A Glimpse into How Healthy Nest Works with Food Intolerance or Sensitivity & Digestive Distress

CLIENT: Male, 32 years old

PROBLEM: Client had very bad gas & bloating—no matter what he ate. By the end of the day, he would feel like his stomach was HUGE. The problem was persistent and getting progressively worse, causing embarrassing moments with friends and family.   These issues would cause large amounts of time in the bathroom with either bouts of explosive diarrhea. Brain fog was also an increasing problem.

Session #1

Client came to Healthy Nest Nutrition with 3 days of diet written down in a the Healthy Nest Food Log. He also had filled out the Healthy Nest Client Intake which is a bit of history about himself and his family as well as a metabolic assessment form which gauges relative strengths and weaknesses all along the digestive tract.

FOOD: Client was eating a standard American diet. He was eating cereal for breakfast, Mountain Dew as an afternoon pick-me-up and ramen for dinner several days per week. He was eating Chipotle burritos many days for lunch.


A therapeutic smoothie with micro-greens was suggested which he just LOVED! It tasted great, filled him up and gave him so much energy that he didn’t need the Mountain Dew in the afternoons. Also, we changed his go-to foods for lunch & dinner.


Client felt 35% better.

Eating breakfast really helped Client, but there were persistent problems.


We decided to order a Food Intolerance & Sensitivity Test (blood draw) that looks at 237 different foods and your immune reactions to those foods. Results came back with a severe intolerance to dairy as well as a moderate reaction to strawberries and bell peppers. Client stopped drinking milk, and eating cheese, yogurt, strawberries and all colors of bell peppers.

The full elimination lasted about 3 months.

Session #3

Client felt 100% better.

Digestive issues resolved from withdrawing irritant foods.

Client taking glutamine powder, which is a supplemental amino acid that helps to reinforce the digestive lining of the intestinal tract.

Session #4

After about 3 months, client started rotating irritant foods back into the diet on a strict once a week basis.

Today, he is free of digestive distress and can eat his ‘irritant foods’ on a limited basis.


Client Testimonial

Here are some words directly from Client about his experience with Healthy Nest Nutrition.

“Healthy Nest Nutrition has truly changed my life. I’ve been wrestling with digestive issues off and on for the past 30 years and they had progressively gotten worse in the last 6 years. I had numerous gastrointestinal tests done and saw several doctors, only to be told that there is nothing wrong with me – all medical tests proved negative. Because they couldn’t medically identify my ailment, I was told that I might have IBS, which is the general condition prescribed to people like me where there is no medical explanation for my digestive ailments. After consulting a friend who had similar issues, I decided to do some research and find a nearby nutritionist and luckily found Robin Hutchinson. After doing a thorough assessment of my diet, lifestyle and symptoms, Robin prescribed a strict diet for me to follow while we waited for the lab results to come back from my blood panel that tested for food intolerances. I reached out to Robin as a last resort because not only was my stomach not getting better, I started to experience shorter concentration and attention spans – what I would later come to learn is brain fog. After following Robin’s diet for 3 days, I noticed a significant improvement across the board – my stomach was more settled than it had been in years and my attention/concentration span was already almost back to normal. I didn’t see Robin for losing weight, but in 3 months, I lost 13 pounds. Robin had told me that this process would take time to fully heal my body and reduce the inflammation in my gastrointestinal system, given all of the years that I had been struggling with my condition. I’m nearly 6 months into this process with Robin and I can tell you that she knows her stuff because I am nearly back to feeling normal – plus, I have lost 18 pounds in the process (I’ve gone from an athletic 168 pounds to 150 pounds). Robin doesn’t promote a quick-fix solution, rather she educates you on what is going on with your body/system and how your diet is affecting it. She then coaches you on changing your eating habits so that your body can heal and you can start your recovery process. In creating the diet specific to you, she takes into consideration your current eating habits and what you prefer to eat, rather than prescribe a diet blindly. Ultimately, it is up to you to do the work, but Robin is an outstanding coach to help you achieve your goals. If you are like me – a person who has been plagued with digestive issues and medically has been tested normal and labeled as having IBS – I strongly encourage you to reach out to Robin. Her warm, caring approach helps tackle the challenges of what sometimes is a difficult subject to address, and hopefully, like me, she will change your life and enable you to live normally again!”

If this client situation speaks to you, and you want to investigate food sensitivity & intolerance, please don’t hesitate to connect with Healthy Nest Nutrition. We’re here to help and enjoy uncovering food-related roots to digestive issues. Schedule a free 20 min. complimentary conversation with one of our holistic nutritionists here.

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