Healthy Nest 8- Week Natural & Forever Weight Loss Framework

Consult One: Balancing Blood Sugar 
An honest look at current eating patterns with initial suggestions for choice and routine changes– supported by foods lists, menus, grocery store lists and recipes.  At the end of session ONE- you’ll know WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat for healthy balance of blood sugar regulation.

Consult Two: Strengthening Good Bugs 
‘Good bugs’ are so important for foundational health, AND for weight loss.  This week’s discussion includes how gut balance contributes to healthy weight.  Pointed suggestions include  probiotic supplementation as well as live enzyme probiotic foods.
Consult  Three: Tackling Stress Eating & Adrenal Issues
Week three includes a biochemistry lesson that covers how the adrenal hormone cortisol shuts down digestions and promotes the dreaded ‘muffin top’ in women. Suggestions include stress management through do-able macronutrient food changes, vitamin & herbal support AND lifestyle tweaks.

Consult Four: Policing Portions
Week five we discuss proper food portions.  Normally, we eat more than we need.  Learn best choices for high satisfying meals in proper portions for you. 

Consult Five:Stimulating Hunger-Full Hormones
Learn about hormones, specifically leptin and gherlin hormones, and how they affect your appetite and weight. Many times we eat when we are really hungry.  Plus, these hormones are too quiet and we can’t hear them.  We’ll learn to listen and hear the proper cues–which helps with weight loss.   

Consult Six:  Checking in with Thyroid
The thyroid is the master metabolic gland.  If it is sluggish, your body will not lose weight.  We’ll check on that little gland to make sure it’s working its magic. 

Consult Seven :Taming Inflammation 
Inflammation is a reason for not losing weight.  Inflammation in the body can be resolved through diet.

Consult Eight: Boost Your Body Image
Get rid of perfection as the goal–we’re looking for 80/20. 
Learn to recognize what is working and what is not working, and how to maneuver through a busy life and still feed yourself ‘your best diet.’ 

If you are struggling with weight loss, there is no reason to beat yourself up!  Figure out the root of the weight issue and spend your time working on solutions!   Call Healthy Nest Nutrition today for a consultation.  The 8 week holistic weight loss framework can be the answer for your weight loss journey–we do forever weight loss!

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