A close up of wrapped gifts with a note

Happy Holidays. We’re Grateful For You.

As we roll right into the final month of the year, we like to take a beat and slow down, really take stock and feel into what we’re grateful for. We’ll admit it hasn’t been the easiest year. We’ve gone through ups and downs, losses and grief, redesigns and reconfigurations. Through it all, sunny days and struggle days, we have felt the support of our dedicated and oh so kind Healthy Nest Nutrition clients.

We know your journey has its momentum moments and halts, its highs and lows. We know weight management, food prep and planning, and doing what’s best for your mind and body can be downright difficult some days. And we’re so inspired by you all. Your triumphs and hard work keep us doing what we do. We’re grateful for you and we cannot wait to walk arm in arm into 2024 together. Thanks for being a twig in the nest.

With Gratitude,
Robin Hutchinson + The Healthy Nest Family