A plate of food with various vegetables and hummus.

10 Mindful Micro Holiday Habits

Try these simple intentional food habits this season and soak in the mind-body benefits.

Gratitude and mindfulness go hand in hand and, when you really focus on welcoming that feeling into your body, it can change your entire holiday experience. Try these mental shifts over the next few weeks and embrace a more meaningful and fulfilling holiday season.

  1. Be grateful for choosing what you eat.We get to select exactly what we put into our bodies. Our favorite foods are usually a grocery store trip or click away. That’s pretty amazing.
  2. Thank your food.What you eat meets your needs, nourishes your body and gives you the energy to do the things you love.
  3. Eat only what you want at holiday dinners.You have the choice of only eating your favorites. Savor them. Be thankful for the natural abundance that provides the ingredients for your holiday meals.
  4. Set realistic boundaries around drinking– water and booze – and stick to them. Sometimes feelings of hunger are actually just thirst.
  5. Choose one dessert.Rather than nibbling on cookies and fudge and candied pecans andthentrying all of the pies with whipped cream on top, choose your all-time favorite and really enjoy it.
  6. Bring the crudité.Be that guest that brings a beautiful, crunchy and satisfying veggie tray and homemade dip to the holiday gathering. Guests love to congregate around a colorful board or platter.
  7. Don’t under eat to overeat.Letting yourself get overly hungry or having your blood sugar crash before the party will lead to overindulging. Hydrate and have a healthy bite before you arrive and then eat small servings of your favorite party dishes.
  8. Say yes! And no.Listen to your intuition and take care of yourself. If your body is craving some quiet alone time or extra sleep, don’t be swayed by your well-meaning friends or spouse into committing to another holiday celebration.
  9. Choose protein.Commit to choosing protein over comfort food carbs. Think shrimp cocktail or scallops instead of buttered rolls or mashed potatoes.
  10. Walk it off.Pick your movement for the day – walking, yoga, cycling, whatever you love – and make it happen. Moving your body helps curb overindulgence.

Eat, drink and be merry! Enjoy the holidays with mindfulness and care. Your body will thank you in the new year.