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The GAPS Diet, officially known as the Gut and Psychology/Physiology syndrome diet, establishes a connection between the state of the gut and the health of the rest of the body.  Hippocrates said “All diseases begin in the gut.”  Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, author of the GAPS diet believed Hippocrates.  She developed a diet that works on foundational health beginning in the gut. 

GAPS Diet Rebalances Gut Flora.

Current scientific research shows that gut flora assists in the make up of 90% of all cells and genetic material in the body.  Gut flora is broken down into 3 groups: beneficial (good), opportunistic (bad) and transitional (neither good nor bad). Explaining the GAPS diet in a nutshell, is to say that an individual’s gut flora is intentionally rebalanced to make more ‘good’, and less ‘bad.’

Balanced gut flora protects us from invaders, impacts digestion and absorption of vitamins, makes some vitamins, and is part of our immune system that keeps us healthy.  Any myriad of things negatively impact the balance of good and bad gut flora: antibiotics, pollution, poor diet, chemicals, internal or external stress, and lots more.

The GAPS diet rebalances gut flora, heals the gut lining, restores gut function, removes nutrient deficiencies and strong immunity, lowers body toxicity, and boosts our detoxification capability-improving foundational health from the inside out.  

GAPS Diet at Healthy Nest Nutrition-GAPS implementation

GAPS diet has three parts: food changes, supplementation and detoxification. When I meet with people I assess their individual situation and we partner to determine where to begin.  I methodically and patiently take them through how to make significant diet and lifestyle changes.  I support people as much or little for as long as they need.  The diet itself has two phases, and I determine where it is best for YOU to start.  Then, I discuss the HOWs of the diet: where to get ingredients, the rhythm of eating, how to create a GAPS pantry, etc.

I’ve seen first hand how the GAPS diet and my recommendations can make a HUGE difference for people's lives.  I’m proud to be a Certified GAPS practitioner, and use GAPS in my Nutrition Therapy private practice in Denver, CO.  Please call me if you think this diet might help you or your family.  Contact Healthy Nest Nutrition at  

To learn more, go to Healthy Nest's GAPS page, click here.
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