ADHD & The Connection to Diet

The Healthy Nest Nutrition Process for ADHD & Diet


The Healthy Nest Process for handling Diet and ADHD interconnectedness through diet changes is holistic in nature and addresses the problem from many different angles.  We tackle food and diet first-and we spend as much time as necessary with the client to clean up their diet and nutritional habits. 

ADHD & Diet – Eliminate Toxins
Your body knows what to do with food that it recognizes.  It DOES NOT know how to handle manufactured and processed ingredients.  Eliminating all processed ingredients from the diet leaves room for healthy nutrient-dense food.  Food preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors, MSG, nitrites, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, pesticides and GMOs are all slowly but surely taken out of the diet.  Just that sense of normality creates a calmer internal environment, and we see significant behavior change.  And there’s plenty of research that shows strong correlations between diet and ADD, especially in kids and teenagers.

Diet and ADHD – Add in Whole Foods
Healthy food substitutions are made every step of the way when changing a diet routine.  A variety of colorful veggies, a hearty amount of healthy fats, a good amount of good quality proteins and some whole grain carbohydrates are added onto the plate.  We support with menus, recipes galore, grocery shopping (with lists), planning and trouble-shooting.  Changing your diet is creating a new habit.  We assist to make it as seamless as possible and are patient and methodical in our approach.  In the end ADHD is helped by diet changes.

Diet and ADD – Supplementation & Testing for food sensitivities
There are some nutrients that we need a boost from, and at Healthy Nest Nutrition, we use VERY good quality supplement companies to help in this area.  Supplementation is used as needed for the individual.  Testing for food intolerance, candida, or chemical or mold sensitivity is a very important step.  Healthy Nest Nutrition uses a couple of different testing services and is able to get to the bottom of problems in this area. This step helps with body health and inflammation.  A large piece of the ADHD and diet puzzle is getting a handle on inflammation before it causes adverse effects.

ADD & Diet – Boost Elimination of your Body System with healthy microbiota
A big part of being healthy is having a balanced internal gut environment.  Changing the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microbiota happens slowly with changes in diet, but we try to speed it up with some intentional boosts-probiotics, fermented veggies, and a slow & low detox.

In summary, attention and behavior changes happen from the inside out.  ADHD signs can be altered by diet changes, and keeping this interconnectedness of Diet and ADD in mind is the first step to addressing nutritional imbalances.  Healthy Nest Nutrition helps individuals and families make those important changes.  In the end, it is very fulfilling work because we see healthy kids (and adults) thriving in their school (and work) environments.

Kiddo’s respond well and quickly to these changes.  Adults have more ingrained habits, but they respond well too.  Please contact me to schedule your first consult.   The quicker you deal with this, the better you or your kids will behave, and learn.  I see clients in person in Cherry Creek, Denver, CO, or by phone, email or skype.

Please email Robin at Healthy Nest Nutrition, [email protected], to schedule your first consult.  Or visit us at https://healthynestnutrition.com