Food Intolerance & Sensitivity ALCAT Testing

ALCAT Food intolerance & Sensitivity testing is a simple blood draw that measures your body’s response, on a cellular level, to up to 200 foods, as well as food additives, colorings, molds, environmental chemicals, medicinal foods, and medicinal herbs. Results come back in about a week and guide my diet suggestions. 

Why do we need this?

A Roman poet once said….”What is food to one man may be bitter poison to others.” And, I see that to be true at Healthy Nest Nutrition. I believe that each person has their BEST diet, it is VERY individual, and it’s my job to help clients figure out what to eat to reach their health goals. The ALCAT Food Intolerance and Food Sensitivity Test helps to identify people’s own ‘bitter poisons.’ It could be an inflammatory food like gluten or dairy, or something more mundane like lettuce or blueberries. Even though blueberries are super good for you, if you’re reacting to blueberries, they will be YOUR poison. Eliminate the poisons and nagging symptoms disappear. 

This test helps me advise clients on what to eat. When I see digestive disorders, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, ADHD, migraines, skin issues, achy joints, autoimmunity issues, weight issues, and lots of other problems, I may suggest food intolerance and food sensitivity testing. It is a pretty big piece of the puzzle. 

Result  Reliability

I have had great success using the ALCAT test. An elimination diet can be used to identify food intolerance, BUT, it takes A LOT longer.  ALCAT testing allows you to see the ‘problem,’ and take out the ‘offending foods’ very quickly, so that the healing can begin, and signs of imbalance fall away. In addition, when people see results in black and white, they trust them more readily, and clients feel it is easier to follow my elimination/ inclusion diet suggestions.  

Please connect with me if you have questions about the ALCAT food intolerance and sensitivity test. I’m happy to have a complimentary 15 minute phone consult with you to determine whether this test would be helpful to you. 


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