10 Day Digestive Detox & Cleanse


10 Days–A Whole Foods Cleanse with Targeting Supplementation–Let the digestive healing begin

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we use a 10-day cleanse program to kick-start a healthy digestion pattern, which in turn, sets the groundwork for a healthy immune system, & a healthier you!  The strength of our digestive system tells us about our overall health—we just need to listen.  In addition, 80% of our immune system is found in our ‘gut,’ or our digestive system.  You simply can’t have a strong immune system without good digestion. 

Don’t we all want good strong digestion?  We are SUPPOSED to be able to eat food, and then continue on living our lives without hyper-focusing on how our bodies digest food.  BUT, in so many cases, we get derailed from normal activity because something just ‘didn’t agree with me.’  Healthy Nest’s digestive detox is for people who are digestively distressed (stomachs are easily upset by food), and for people who seem to catch every virus or cold.  It is a nice jumpstart for minimizing digestive symptoms. It’s a way for our clients to feel better while eating whole foods. 

Strong digestion gets derailed by many different things including: stress from work or family or a polluted environment, poor diet choices, too much sugar, allergies (food or environmental), alcohol or drugs, even too much caffeine.  When your body becomes unbalanced, digestion is one of the first aspects of health that is impacted.  Signs of imbalance include diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating (IBS-like symptoms), acne, headaches, mental clarity issues, and lots more. 

This digestive support program is meticulously designed to start the healing process for whatever GI issues you’re experiencing.  It is clean eating and targeted supplementation to begin feeling better.  It removes our common allergens, and allows your body to begin to regenerate itself.  It won’t be the end, but is a good beginning and you should feel improvement in your symptoms. 

The Healthy Nest Digestive Cleanse/Detox & Repair

This particular Healthy Nest cleanse written as a 10-day plan that eliminates common pro-inflammatory foods: gluten (wheat), dairy, soy, corn and eggs.  It includes healthy proteins, fats and lots of veggies.  It gives your digestive system the vitamins and minerals it needs to regenerate the digestive lining.  Meaning, you begin to heal yourself.  For example, you eat a homemade nut & seed cereal for breakfast, hormone-free chicken soup with lots of veggies for lunch and salmon with roasted veggies for dinner.  There are plenty of recipes to choose from.  It is taking you back to balanced old-fashioned meals for 10 days.  It is a great first step toward strengthening your digestive capacity, and your overall immune system.  In addition, you will take some targeted supplementation to support the repair of the digestive lining.  These are herbs, vitamins and amino acid blends.

We try to make this plan as informative and easy to follow as possible.  Menus, recipes, grocery lists and targeted supplementation suggestions are provided, so that you can be successful…and feel better.  We support you via email to make sure you feel supported and good while on this program.  You begin to feed and heal yourself from the inside out.

This is just one way that Healthy Nest helps people that struggle with IBS, IBD, gas, bloating, burping issues, constipation, and general digestive discomfort.  Each person requires an individualized look and approach to what’s going on with them.  This is just a peek into one tool in our hefty toolbox for repairing and rebuilding good strong digestion, which in turn creates a healthy immune system.  

If you’re having digestive issues, please connect with Healthy Nest Nutrition.  We provide a 15-minute complimentary conversation to make sure our approach will support you.  Email Robin at robin@healthynestnutrition.com for more detail.  Robin practices in Denver, CO, and has long distance clients using phone or skype.

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