A spoon and fork with hearts on the table.

Food and Love

Making delicious food for loved ones is a privilege.

February is the month of love. We show our affection through chocolate and flowers and tiny sugary “Be Mine” hearts. It’s not a bad message, really: Be grateful for those around you. But it tends to be contrived and forced.

Instead of the expectation of receiving, I like to focus on the giving part of Valentine’s Day. Specifically, being grateful for being ABLE to feed others and ourselves via nourishing and healthful meals. This time of year (and always, really) I try to focus on the fact that a beautifully stocked kitchen is a privilege. The time it takes to create delicious warm meals for our loved ones is a privilege.

Love with Consistency
It’s important to focus on showing your love daily, instead of once a year. Cooking with heartfelt consistency fits that goal. Although it’s not as sexy as flowers and chocolate, taking the time to create deliciousness on the daily shows love through action (which is one of our love languages, according to author Gary Chapman).

Prioritize a Love for Cooking
We are all a bit overextended. Our commitments take us in competing directions leaving little time for planning, shopping, prepping and serving whole delicious food regularly. Yet, we prioritize lots of commitments: work, meetings, exercise and even when we drink water. Why not prioritize your food? I view it as a form of self-respect.

Each week, it’s a huge priority to think about food and meals. Then plan, shop and prep food and meals. It normally takes a couple of different thought sessions to create ideas for the week. Then, it’s about organization: making a grocery list, clicking or shopping. Then prepping/washing (to make the quick throw-together meal possible). Each day can then happen according to plan. Treat your food like a meeting. If it’s in the calendar as a planned event through the week, you will stick to the schedule and cook good food.

Make Whole Food Happen Easily
I’ve spoke about this many times. It’s really helpful to set yourself up for success with food. Plan, shop and prep EVERY WEEK! Make it a habit that is in your calendar. A non-negotiable. That way, your intentions will match your actions. You’ll feel accomplished and a highly satisfying sense of self-love.

Start Today
No time like the present! And what a wonderful present food planning will be for Valentine’s Day. You are ONE day away from being more organized with your food. Love yourself. Add your food to how you prioritize and love yourself and your friends and family.

Remember, it takes time and treasure to eat well. For more info on feeling your best through clean, doable and delicious food choices, tap into Healthy Nest Nutrition Bio-Individual Programs.