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When Life Gets Busy, We Get Focused

Here’s how to stay off the stressed out sugar roller coaster.

The busier you are, the more determined you should be to make a food plan and stick to it.

It is all too common for us to let ourselves off the clean eating hook when things get busy. But, really why would we do that? It never goes well. When we’re rushing around and stressed, that’s when our digestion gets upset, bloated, constipated, or we suffer from diarrhea. We gain weight, have disrupted sleep which leads to sugar cravings, and then we’re off to the sugar roller coaster races.

What if, when you get busy in these next few weeks, you get determined, focused, regimented, planned, strict with your eating schedule, so you feel supported, energized and in control of your food and energy through some of the hardest days of the year.

Here’s how the next few weeks COULD go for you:

  1. Look at the week to see what your schedule looks like. How busy are you? What is out of the norm?
  2. What’s for breakfast? Choose a winter favorite (maybe a nut butter pancake).
  3. What’s for lunch? Choose a great salad with protein and dress it heavily and deliciously (maybe a favorite salad with chicken or spiced garbanzos OR a soupy-stew).
  4. What’s for dinners? Any combo of pick up, controlled take out, throw-together dinner, slow cooker/Instapot, or already fixed in the freezer meal will do.
  5. What’s for snacks? This is the perfect time for protein-rich pumpkin/oat muffins or seasonal energy bites.
  6. Make your grocery list. Make a solid plan.
  7. Set your plan in motion – order or shop for groceries, look at menus, ask for help where you need it.

Then: Eat. Your. Plan.

You can do it! You’ll be SO happy you did.

This time of year is always busy, but it’s also the time of year to have love and gratitude for yourself, your family, friends, community and delicious food. Skip the stress. Enjoy the season.

Much love,

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