A salad with meat, vegetables and green beans.

The Best To-Go Salads in Denver

Call on these delicious pick-up salads for lunch or dinner and eat well!

If there is an expert on easy pick-up salads in Denver right now, I feel like I’m it! Our kitchen renovation is nearing its end (thank goodness), but it’s not done yet. And not having a kitchen for months has forced me to get creative with crudites and salad ordering – ALL over town.

I decided early in the renovation process that we weren’t going to eat crappy just because we didn’t have a kitchen. We made do with a microwave, toaster oven, one burner and a blender. But, honestly, we didn’t cook dinner often. We ordered salads!

Below are some of our favorite salads in Denver. I’m sure there are other wonderful salads; these places were close and convenient for central Denver and didn’t break the bank. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Sweet Greens
Follow: @sweetgreen
Where: Cherry Creek (one of multiple locations)
There are SO many great salad options here. The online ordering is easy–you can swap ingredients and dress it however you like. I like the Green Goddess salad and the Crispy Rice salad, but you can’t go wrong. I’m obsessed with the cashew dressing.

Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria
Follow: @cubacubasandwicheria
Where: Glendale (one of multiple locations)
Not necessarily known for their salads (honestly, I have never had their delicious looking sandwiches and plates), but their Ensalada Cubana is fantastic. It’s full of avocado, hearts of palm, red onion, tomato and romaine with sherry vinaigrette. Top with your choice of yummy proteins. I love this salad. It’s filling and delicious.

Chook Chicken
Follow: @chookchicken
Where: Louisiana and Pearl (one of multiple locations)
Known for their chicken, not their salads, Chook has an increasing list of really delicious salad options that work for omnivores (chicken eaters) and vegetarian/vegans as well. My favorite is the Grilled Carrot salad with chicken. The spice of the arugula with the sweet of the dates is fantastic.

Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery
Follow: @cochopshop
Where: Colfax (one of multiple locations)
I LOVE a good chop salad, so this place is perfect for me. I really like the Super Chop, but all their salads are crunchy, fresh and yummy.

Flower Child
Follow: @eatflowerchild
Where: Cherry Creek (one of multiple locations)
The hummus and veggies here are solid! The salads are varied and all good. My fave is the chopped vegetable (no surprise) with extra ginger miso vinaigrette. The menu clearly designates the gluten-free options, which is super helpful.

Olive and Finch
Follow: @oliveandfincheatery
Where: Cherry Creek (one of a couple of locations)
This friendly neighborhood spot serves homemade soups, salads and more. I LOVE the Franklin salad, made with turkey, bacon, avocado, onions, dried cranberries, tomatoes, spinach, romaine (without the croutons) and the tarragon vinaigrette dressing. It’s so satisfying and a little bit different.

A BIG thanks to all of these restaurants for keeping us Hutchinson’s alive and healthy during this long and difficult time. I hope this gives you some new ideas for grab-and-go deliciousness around town.

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