A woman is shopping in the produce section of a store.

Stay Motivated and Inspired

Our custom curated seasonal e-cookbooks are here to help!

We all need a little kitchen inspiration here and there. Board-certified holistic nutritionist and Healthy Nest founder Robin Hutchinson removes the guesswork and helps you eat with the seasons.

We are excited to announce a new tool – a seasonal e-cookbook filled with menus, recipes and more to ensure you meet your health and nutrition goals. Healthy Nest Nutrition’s Recipe e-Books are easy, digital downloadable guides.

Each e-Book Contains:

  • 5 weeks of easy-to-execute menus, associated recipes, grocery lists + relevant info
  • Ideas for: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Sweets
  • A whole food simple grocery list to use for your planning sessions
  • A menu template to assist your planning sessions if you’d like to create your own menus or tweak ours
  • Plant-forward easy-to-make recipes
  • Recipes are all naturally anti-inflammatory containing no gluten or dairy
  • For the omnivore diet but can easily be tweaked for pescatarian or vegetarian
  • Seasonal: A variety of interesting and delicious spring + summer focused food combinations
  • Step-by-step simple recipe and meal instructions. Meal combinations are more throw together in nature vs. time consuming and complex

These Recipes are the Perfect Answer For:

  • Continuing Healthy Nest programs with a new set of inspired menus + recipes
  • Jumpstarting a lull with fresh ideas for what to eat
  • Adding more recipes to your current arsenal of clean recipe ideas and dialing in personalized nutrition
  • Clear instructions on a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle leaning away from the standard American diet
  • A diet that fills your days with lots of color, texture and vitamins and no reliance on processed foods. Just veggies, fruit, proteins (plant + animal) and healthy fats.

“I KNOW in my heart that food choices are the backbone for staying healthy, strong and sharp. Food decisions are the most important decisions we make all day, everyday. These e-books will inspire your food decisions and make food planning and prep a whole lot easier.” – Robin Hutchinson, Healthy Nest Nutrition Owner

Get your Healthy Nest Spring/Summer Stay Inspired e-Cookbook! Let’s connect. Schedule a free 20-minute consult with a Healthy Nest holistic nutritionist. It’s a personal puzzle and we’re here to help.