Should YOU Choose the Paleo Diet?

What’s in the name?

The “paleo” diet – derives from the Paleolithic people, who lived during the stone age and where primarily hunters and gatherers. They ate from the earth.  They DID NOT eat any processed anything.  The benefits of the diet come in the form of increased consumption of nutrient dense food that created the perfect balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein. The diet also helps to reduce the glycemic load of your body (overall sugars).

What Does the Paleo Diet Consist of?
The Paleo diet consists of good quality fruits, nuts & seeds, vegetables, meats,  seafood & eggs. Hunter gatherers did not have livestock or crops, which means that dairy products are a no-go, and when you eat fruits and vegetables, they should be organic when possible in order to limit the amount of pesticides and antibiotics you are exposed to. Meat and seafood is organic, free-range and grass-fed when possible. In addition to removing dairy products from your diet, you should also remove grains, added salt and legumes.  Again, pretty much anything that comes in a jar, bag or box should be avoided.

Why you Might Try this Approach
There are numerous studies have shown that the Paleo diet is healthier than our current average diets and that it may lead to improved blood sugar levels.
Some people that have digestive distress, or other maladies think it ‘might be something their eating.’  AND IT MIGHT!  By returning to a whole food diet and eliminating fabricated food, you just might solve your issues!

Why This Diet Works (in my opinion)
I believe the Paleo diet’s charm is that it focuses entirely on eating REAL food versus fabricated boxed foods.  I also think that eaten properly, one eats MANY more veggies than on Standard American fare.  The Paleo diet is not a JUST MEAT diet, as some people think, but it is a framework that has  LOTS of veggies, limited fruit, and well sourced meats, fish and eggs.  Again, it is a whole foods approach to eating.

Use this information in order to determine if the Paleo diet might be right for you. Remember, the Paleo diet isn’t considered a short-term diet – it’s considered a lifestyle that you have to buy into in order to reap the benefits.

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