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New Season, New Outlook

Turn fresh fall habits into a new mindful you.

I have a dirty little secret – It’s a lot harder to eat healthfully in the summer in Denver than any other time of year. When it gets warm, we go outside, we gather, we are busier, we travel, we are less planned. We are natural patio people (because it’s delightful) and that tends to include lots of drinks and lots of chips. We do our best to eat summer salads, but it is easy to cave into indulgences.

I’m always grateful as I pull out my fleece. The weather turns slowly and I do think more thoughtfully and clearly about food. For a while, we’re still grilling and eating farmer’s market hauls, but we are also starting to turn on the oven. It’s a new day, a new opportunity to think a little bit differently about what you’re buying and what you’re eating.

Fall is time to take stock of where you are. Keep the good, change the not so good.

With the start of a new season we have an opportunity to reflect on summer and be happy for all of the fun and memories. Now, let’s focus on food and be present. What’s going well? Are you eating to meet your health and wellness goals?

Here’s an exercise to help you ID what’s going well and what you can do differently.

A Take Stock Exercise
Your food life is your OWN personal puzzle. Answer the following questions:

  • How often are you eating? Evenly throughout the day? OR erratically?
  • Do you have a food plan for today? For tomorrow?
  • What are your fuel days?
  • When is your celebration this week?
  • What’s on deck for snacks this week? AM? PM?
  • What’s for breakfast? Are you fasting? When’s breakfast?
  • Lunch?
  • Dinner?
  • Water? Planning to flavor your water? With what?
  • Planning sessions? Make some notes. Create a grocery list. What do you feel like eating? Ask your family that same question.
  • Grocery shopping or click + deliver?
  • Who’s cooking?
  • Are you roasting any veggies this week? It’s time.

So many questions to answer. Odds are you’re doing some things right. YAY for that. And you’re probably NOT doing some things to help yourself. Take a minute and ID what you can change starting today and give it a go. Try a different approach. Try to make one aspect of your food life easier and better for you.

My personal answers change all the time. I practice this exercise a lot. Sometimes it’s planning that needs work. Sometimes it’s water. Today it was groceries. So, I’ll stop at the store this evening and be ready for tomorrow and the next day.

What’s strong in your puzzle? What needs work?

Use the turn of season to be present and mindful of what’s going well and what you can improve upon. It’s very impactful to keep healthy eating habits going.

We have LOTS more to say on this topic, but this is a good start. Reach out to us if you need more. We’re happy to talk with you about solidifying strong, healthful food habits.


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