New Denver Community GAPS diet Meet Up for People with Autoimmunity

About the AIM Program

The AIM Program is a combination approach to helping people with autoimmune problems.  Many times, it takes a village to solve a problem.  In this case, changing diet and addressing any resistance to change is VERY powerful.  Learn more about AIM here.

About the GAPS diet

The GAPS diet is actually the Gut and Psychology Diet, created by Dr. Natasha Cambell McBride.  It is strictly a whole foods diet that is higher in protein and fats, and lower in carbohydrates with the goal of dampening inflammation, and settling down the inflammatory response which is contributing to the autoimmune reaction.  This diet is 2 phases (intro and full) and several stages in the first phase.  It is a stepped approach.  I will support the implementation of this diet at the group meet up in January.  


If you have any questions about GAPS or the Meetup, please contact  

Hope to see you there.   

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We are currently holding sessions via Zoom for current and active clients only. We will be welcoming new clients in January 2024.