Two women standing in front of a table with fruits and vegetables.

Mindful Eating: The What, When & How

In the nutrition world, we call mindfulness having your “head in the game.” And it’s big! Mindful eating is one of three foundations that make up Healthy Nest Nutrition’s Natural Weight Loss Program. Mindful eating is very powerful and multi-dimensional. It’s crucial for successfully asking and answering the questions: WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat and HOW to eat.

what to eat

In order to eat for YOUR body, you have to be able to hear and listen to your body. You need to be able to hear what your body is saying to you. If you’re listening, you can hear how hungry you are, how full you are, your body asking for protein, fat or carbs, whether you are thirsty, stress eating, emotional eating, overeating and more.

For example, to be able to hear what your body needs, it has to be relatively balanced. If you’re relying on too much sugar to propel you through the day, your body will keep asking for more sugar, and fast sugar. Sugar cravings take over what you really need. You really need whole foods throughout the day. As we add more whole foods, processed food/sugar cravings diminish and you can better hear what the body needs. We focus on balancing the body so you CAN hear what it’s trying to tell you.

are you listening?

Hungry throughout the day? Perhaps you need more protein. Dragging in energy? Probably need more carbs. Monkey brain moments? Might add more healthy fats to your last meal. We teach you how to interpret your body’s cues.

when to eat

Oftentimes, mindfulness is helped along by timed eating. When you eat through the day at regular intervals, you avoid hangry or blood sugar lows (or highs). If you stay relatively steady, you can actively choose what’s on your plate at your next eating interval. If you’re hangry–carbs will win. Eating at regular intervals through the day curbs carby grabs or other unintentional foods that make it into your mouth.

how to eat

When you have control over your blood sugar, you can more easily eat for your health and wellness goals and for weight loss–this includes proper portions. If you’re hangry–portions are normally MUCH bigger and you end up overly stuffed. This is not ideal. So, more balance, better portions for your body so that after you eat you’re comfortable, meaning you’re full, satisfied and energized.

Healthy Nest Nutrition’s Weight Loss Program includes a big mindful component.

Our Natural Weight Loss Program works on the WHAT to eat, as well as HOW, and WHEN to eat. You’ll be transforming your food habits and feeling better about your food choices which propels your weight loss effort.

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