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Let’s Get Real

The truth about grit, commitment, patience, focus and consistency.

Lately I’ve found myself having to slow down and take stock at Healthy Nest Nutrition. It’s good to take a step back and listen, ask ourselves what are we saying? Are we being as effective and successful as we can be?

Is it actually possible to change your diet to meet your health goals?

I’m not going to lie – changing food habits is hard. Really hard. And Nutrition Therapy (what we practice) is all about using food for better wellness. So, we tweak diet (if not transform diet) with one food elimination and/or addition at a time.

It’s not THAT hard to do something for a day, but a day doesn’t do much. You need diet change with consistency to have true impact. Whether we’re talking digestive health, weight loss, weight gain, changing diet frameworks (vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.) or other goals, at Healthy Nest we’re going to change your diet. It’s what we do. And yes, it is hard.

So how do we make it as easy as possible?

  • We listen to likes and dislikes
  • We stay seasonal, so food tastes as good as possible
  • We make suggestions that you can actually do/eat/manage
  • You get veto power over all of the suggestions and we work together, as a team, one-on-one

We are real people with busy lives and we have vetted our own suggestions. If we can’t follow our own instructions, we won’t make the suggestion for you. If we can do it, the theory is, so can you!

Your goals + new food habits

Our goals are to make sure you’re meeting your goals–but that’s actually not enough to meet your goals. We need to STICK your goals and not set you up to boomerang back to old habits. The goal is to solidify NEW habits as efficiently as possible, with time and consistency and just the right amount of accountability and inspiration to make these new food habits stick.

Is this possible? Is it worth it?

Yes. It is possible. But it’s not easy. It takes grit, commitment, patience, focus and consistency. Food is a big contributor to good health and, consequently, food changes DO have huge consequences to make or break how you feel. YES! It is worth the work and the effort to make you feel better with food.

For more on feeling your best through smarter food choices, pleasecontact our holistic nutritionists. It’s a personal puzzle. We can assist in figuring out what’s best for your body.

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