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It’s Men’s Health Month

Athletic stamina, weight loss, digestive health–we’re here for you, guys.

June is National Men’s Health Month and I’ve been reflecting on what that means in my world–the world of personalized nutrition. At Healthy Nest our clients are primarily women because we find women are generally more open than men to having someone join their wellness and nutrition team. As of late, I feel a shift coming. More men are enquiring about changing up their diets to meet goals–be them athletic, weight, digestive or otherwise.

Men & Digestive Health

If we’re being honest, digestive health is complicated, but it doesn’t divide on gender lines. Which means there isn’t that much difference between what I say for men vs. for women. When it comes to digestion, it’s all about what you are eating and what you are able to absorb. Are you getting the nutrients you need from your food? What do we need to replenish? These are the important questions to ask and they don’t change with gender.

Men & Weight Loss

Weight loss strategy DOES change between men and women (we know we might be grossly exaggerating gender roles here). When we make change suggestions for men for weight loss we talk about different things than we do with women. Men’s food habits, portions and macronutrient needs are different from women’s. For example, men normally need a bit more protein during the day for weight loss than women and women tend to need a bit more fat in their days for weight loss than men. Men tend to drink more beer. Women drink more wine (different sugar content in the drinks, which makes a difference in weight loss success). Maybe men eat out more often (maybe). Maybe women emotionally eat more often (maybe). It really varies from person to person.

Men & Individualized Nutrition

We know for sure that there is NO ONE DIET for everyone and that also includes diets for each gender. So, even though there are male norms and female norms, we take the time to figure out what diet is best to meet the individual’s goals–regardless of gender, regardless of culinary prowess in the kitchen, preferred dietary framework, likes and dislikes, and even seasons. Our goal is strong, fit and healthy whether you are male or female.

Celebrate our Men

Let’s celebrate men and keep them as healthful as possible by finding their best diets. We welcome the increased awareness surrounding men and diets. Please, feel free to connect. We’d be thrilled to help you figure out your best diet for your wellness goals.

Guys! For more on feeling your best through smarter food choices, pleasecontact our holistic nutritionists. It’s a personal puzzle. We can assist in figuring out what’s best for your body.

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