Gluten Intolerance & Sensitivity

When I eat gluten-containing foods I get foggy-headed and my joints ache.  That's my experience.  

People come to Healthy Nest Nutrition, my private nutrition therapy practice in Denver, CO every week with possible gluten intolerance.  They have a myriad of different problems, seemingly unrelated, but very distressing.  There are many different gastro intestinal issues (cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea), skin issues, balance issues, focus and concentration problems, reading and writing struggles, migraines and more because of the gluten and gliadin proteins.  The proteins are rather large and cause inflammation. It's the inflammatory reaction that actually causes the associated issues.  

It's actually rather easy to steer clear of gluten-containing foods once you can easily identify them.  Skip the pasta, bagels and cereal and choose more whole grains like brown or black rice, quinoa, buckwheat and millet.  They are a bit out of the ordinary, but better for you and very tasty.  

It may be that making different choices alleviates your crazy set of symptoms.  If you'd like to know for sure, i use a simple blood draw test to check for gluten sensitivity and intolerance.  It checks other foods as well.  I also use the elimination/provokation food test and can guide you through that process.  Taking out the problematic foods should minimize your problems.  

Please contact me at Healthy Nest Nutrition if you think gluten is contributing to your distress.  Finding out what you're reacting to can be a game changer.  It might be gluten.  For many it is. 


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