A man and woman in the kitchen preparing food.

Finding Your Best Diet

Personalization is Key for Food Success

Curating individualized diets is our focus at Healthy Nest Nutrition. We believe food needs to align with the whole person. Many people want to know the “why” behind this philosophy.

Here’s our response:

Each person is comprised of who they are physiologically and emotionally (nature, if you will) and is impacted by external forces (the nurture piece). This includes the following traits plus more:

who we are

  1. Male/Female
  2. Age
  3. Family history of disease/genetics
  4. Metabolism, how the body is breaking down and using nutrients
  5. Stress level through the day
  6. Exercise level
  7. Water drinker
  8. Pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  9. Actively training
  10. Travel a lot
  11. Relative balance in energy
  12. Personal preferences for foods
  13. Cultural background
  14. History and interest in cooking
  15. History of stress
  16. History of food consumption
  17. History of antibiotics

one plan for all

Naturally, the food we eat should support our bodies and lifestyle and our food choices will impact how we use what we eat. The one-plan-for-all route just doesn’t work because what we eat isn’t broken down and used by our bodies in the same way as the next guy. A food plan might support one person perfectly and another horribly.

Depending on your nature and nurture foundations, Healthy Nest Nutrition experts may offer the following:

  • Sometimes, we recommend lots of ancient grains throughout the day. Other clients get completely opposite recommendations: no grains.
  • Sometimes we recommend all cooked foods, sometimes all raw.
  • Sometimes we recommend fruit, sometimes none.

what is your best diet?

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we tweak your macronutrients AND your micronutrients to meet your needs. We consider your body, history, preferences, lifestyle and health goals to customize your individualized plan.

What should your split be (carbs/fats/proteins)? Which nutrients are most important for you? Do you need more Omegas for better brain power? Do you need more absorbable B’s and Zinc because you’re eating a vegan diet? Do you need more magnesium because you are having problems sleeping?

We’ll help you answer these questions and customize your best diet for whole health success.