A woman with her hands over her chest.

Feel the Holiday Food Gratitude

Shift your food life relationship this holiday season and reap the body-mind benefits.

The next couple of months are tricky. Try something new this holiday season. Try food gratitude. Take the time to feel into that sense of pleasure you get from eating real food (not the heavy indulgent feeling you get from rolls and pie). When you stop and appreciate what whole food does for your body and wellbeing, you’re more grateful and will naturally stick to your best diet.

Here’s how to increase food gratitude during the holiday season:

Swap Obligation for Appreciation
Thinking positively about your food life doesn’t take anything extra. Just an acknowledgement that food is good–even delicious. Shift away from obligation and move toward appreciation. As you eat, think and feel the gratitude toward the food that’s fueling your body. Think about how it gives you strength, energy and clarity.

Busy is Ok
Sometimes rounding up healthy food can be a burden. Running late after a long day or extended work hours and kids sports and activities can take away from your normal food-prep time. Mealtime, food buying and prep ARE ALL monsters that need to be fed (pun intended). Slow down, plan ahead before these busy weeks and give thanks for all of the abundance in your life.

Prioritize Your Food Life
Shifting to a positive food mindset does make it easier to prioritize your food life. Aren’t you lucky that you have food? That you can grab dinner ingredients and make something (however simple it is) for yourself and your family. Making time for food–food buying, washing, prepping and cooking–and actively engaging with food is a privilege, not a burden.

It’s an Honor
A bit of food gratitude can change the next meal from a challenge to an honor–you GET to choose your food. You GET to put together a plate that will help you and your family meet goals and propel yourselves towards success.

Try food gratitude this holiday season. It might give you a sense of pleasure that you might not otherwise get from real food (vs. that pie and those rolls). It might just make you more grateful for what delicious whole food does for you and for what the holiday season is all about.

What are you grateful for this year? We’re grateful for our fabulous clients and all of your hard work and dedication. Here’s to a happy, healthy new year!

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