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A Natural Weight Loss Success Story

Case Study
Client: Catherine (names have been changed for privacy)
Stats: Female, 45 years old, busy working mom, doesn’t have a ton of time to allot in the kitchen, feels like she is trying to eat with the goal of weight loss, has successfully lost weight in the past, but old strategies aren’t working this time and she is increasingly frustrated.

Goal: 20 pound sustainable weight loss (for wedding in six months)
Outcome: Consistent 1 to 1.5 pound loss and weight maintenance

Catherine came to me frustrated that what used to work was now not working to lose weight. Her previous route of exercising more and restricting eating was only making her grumpy and tired.

We worked through the Healthy Nest Nutrition Natural Weight Loss Program, and one set of maintenance sessions, creating new habits and sustainable weight loss over five months.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Food Timing: The first priority was to put a food schedule in place for blood sugar balance. She ended up (after multiple tries) at eating 4 times per day, equally spacing out breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. This change was hard at first, and required some discussion and planning and shopping, but easy soon after because her energy improved exponentially. Feelings of food insecurity waned, which positively impactedportions.
  2. Hydration:Catherine was not drinking enough water. A new water bottle and tracking water fixed that, and she noticed physical (skin) and mental (better focus) benefits from good hydration.
  3. Magical Macros: Perfect Protein + More Fat + Colorful Carbs. Catherine’s magic split was 30% carbs, 20% protein and 50% fat – this ratio is different for each client. We dialed in how much starch and non-starchy veggies she needed to eat to feel energized. How much protein at how many meals she needed to be full, and how much and good ideas for incorporating more fat into her diet throughout the day. Hummus and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, peanut butter and apples literally saved her days.
  4. Fuel + Celebration: It’s easy to confuse fuel foods with celebration foods when you are very busy and have nothing prepped for quick meals. The path of least resistance becomes take out or easy pick-ups. By truly enjoying the ‘out’ meals and ‘throwing together’ fuel meals, food life at Catherine’s house became less frenetic and more fun. Out was fancier and looked forward to and enjoyed vs. a defaulted to guilt-ridden meal. Weekly meal plans consisted of all the following – depending on the busyness of the week: a mixture of home-made meals, boxed delivery help with Sun Basket boxes, slow cooker, bagged salads + rotisserie chicken, market-prepped meals, take-out salads and sushi nights. Now, out to dinner is celebration and a smaller number of dinners, and it’s really enjoyed.
  5. Consistency: It is one thing to be on a 30-day clean eating program or cleanse. Anyone can put life on hold for 30 days and eat better and feel better. It’s a whole other animal to figure out what works for you food-wise and to do that over and over and over, no matter what kind of busy you have that week. It takes practice, commitment, planning and a bit of willpower/grit while ordering. That is what Catherine learned and she still practices daily and will forever.

Catherine’s successful lifestyle habit changes:

  • More energy through the day
  • Regularly cooks a couple of meals per week
  • Orders differently
  • Walks regularly
  • LOVES her water bottle and drinks from it often
  • Embraces all work, family and fun obligations and trips without hesitation, knowing she will be able to navigate food choices successfully

If this sounds like you, the Healthy Nest Nutrition Natural Weight Loss Program may be your answer.

At Healthy Nest Nutrition, we are all about digging to find your issues and creating habits and lifestyle changes that are sustainable, do-able and delicious.

Our Natural Weight Loss Program’s low and slow philosophy allows you to create your new habits and then solidify them over time as you lose pounds. When you’ve completed the weight loss piece, you’ve also created the lifestyle piece, seamlessly. Works like a charm and we’re proud of it.

Reach out and see if our programs are right for you. Schedule a free consult with a holistic nutritionist.