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  • Female, mid-40s
  • Omnivore
  • Workout routine: Orange Theory Fitness (aggressive interval training) 4-5 days a week
  • Food history: clean eater generally during the workweek
  • Alcohol history: both nights of the weekend as well as sometimes during the week for work engagements; mostly beer, some white wine
  • Weight loss: She feels stuck even though her workout schedule is consistent. The suspect's diet is the culprit.
  • History of stress from family and work
  • Pretty significant PMS around the cycle
  • Works a lot. Travels for work. No kids. Doesn't like to cook.

Weight Loss Goal: To lose 30 pounds, find the best diet for her weight loss goals, and maintain long-term weight.

Here's What We Did

  1. Balance: Renee started on the HNN Weight Loss Journey by balancing her blood sugar and spreading her food throughout the day. She was eating breakfast and a large dinner with no snacking, skipping meals and regularly getting hungry. We balanced all of that out.
  2. Water: We encouraged Renee to drink more water. Water can raise metabolism by 30%.
  3. Sugar Cravings: From the start, Renee began dropping sugary foods from her diet and swapping them out for higher quality, more wholesome foods. She swapped her Starbucks latte for the egg sous bites for breakfast and, eventually, a homemade egg muffin. She chose salads with protein instead of sandwiches for lunch (or no lunch). She ate snacks as needed (which was new). We stopped the daily office candy habit.
  4. Dinner Help: For dinner, we began a new routine of food delivery options that were lower in carbs and higher in proteins and healthy fats. Renee had never really planned for dinner on a regular basis. We created a plan for her that took her work schedule, activity level needs, and level of patience in the kitchen into account and matched her macronutrient needs.

Mindfulness + Fuel
Perhaps the most impactful piece of the puzzle was changing HOW Renee was viewing her food. She was viewing her food as the enemy (because no matter what she ate, she couldn't lose weight). Renee is now viewing her food as FUEL and a couple of moments of celebration per week. She feels in control and is much happier because she is choosing the right foods for her body.

Accountability + Communication
Healthy Nest nutritionists connected with Renee 1x/a week via an online app. We watched her daily food intake and made helpful swap suggestions as needed. Because there was plenty of support between sessions, Renee felt she had a team helping her succeed. She had more confidence in what her body needed because she was watching her food on a real-time basis and had daily goals to hit (percentages of carbs, fats and proteins, calories). We worked hard to figure out Renee's macronutrients for her weight loss goals and monitored them as she moved toward her goals. Healthy Nest Nutrition personalized Renee's nutrition plan by finding the right numbers and tweaking the menus and recipes to account for her likes and dislikes.

The Outcome
Renee averaged 1.5 pounds lost per week and lost her weight in about 4 ½ months; all the while, she continued to socialize, travel, and maintain her busy, engaged life. She maintained her weight loss because we taught her how to eat for her body. Renee created new habits she will have forever.

Renee's Macros: 50% Fat, 25% Carbs, 25% Protein