• Female, early 40s
  • Vegetarian (plants + eggs + dairy)
  • Divorced. Travels for work.
  • Very social. Big job. Busy single mom with joint custody.
  • Weekend warrior exerciser (biker in the summer, skier in the winter)
  • Inconsistent eater, sometimes salads, sometimes burgers, and French fries and pizza. Tries to be healthy but doesn't always order appropriately. Needs consistency.
  • Likes to cook but doesn't know how. Doesn't have much in the refrigerator when her child is with her father. Tends to eat kid food when she has her child in the house.

Weight Loss Goal: to lose 30 pounds and learn a manageable and sustainable routine that works with her busy lifestyle.

Here's What We Did

  1. Travel-Friendly: Kim travels for work for about half the month, so her plan has to be travel-friendly. We found snacks and meal replacements that she could take on her trips. We added grab-n-go ideas from airport convenience stores, as well as tweaked her regular menu choices.
  2. Added Protein: Whether home or away, Kim tried to start her days with protein such as an egg bite or a veggie omelet, Greek yogurt + fruit + nuts, a protein shake, and no bread or potatoes. Lunch was salad with protein (chicken, steak, or fish). Mandatory afternoon snacks included a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit or hummus and veggies. Dinner was normally out with friends or clients at a bistro or steakhouse (not a pasta restaurant). When eating at home with her kid, Kim learned to throw together more healthful choices. This was a new routine she could sustain with enough variety to keep it engaging. She felt much better, and the weight slowly came off and stayed off.

Stubborn Weight
About halfway through her weight loss journey, Kim's progress stalled. We began an intermittent fasting routine of fasting for 12-14 hours. We also upped her movement routine and consistency with a 45-minute. Walking, listening to a podcast, or using the hotel gym early in the morning before starting her day, using apps on her phone. This helped.

Planning + Cooking
Kim began cooking a little when she was home on the weekends — veggie frittatas, homemade breakfasts, snack bars, and chia pudding. She learned how to grill fish and meats, roast veggies, and make delicious salads. We supported her cooking interest with lots and lots of seasonal menus and recipes. She learned to enjoy the planning and prepping and, most of all, eating yummy food at home whenever possible instead of going out all the time.

Mindfulness, Portions + Alcohol
Since Kim ate out a lot, it was important for her to identify appropriate restaurant portions for her body. Kim cut down her wine intake during dinner meetings. We set some boundaries around liquor consumption during work events. We used higher levels of fats and added spice to help with her salty cravings.

Accountability, Numbers + Macros
We set norms (macronutrient goals) for Kim. She is very goal-oriented, and this seemed to be an easy way to check her food selections, even while traveling.

The Outcome
Kim lost almost 50 pounds in just less than a year. It was a low and sustained loss, and during that time, she built a great foundation of healthy eating. Kim needed a bit more protein than the norm.

Kim's Macros: 35% Protein, 30% Carbs, 35% Fat