Healthy Nest Nutrition Case Studies
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CLIENT: Barbara

FOCUS: Digestive Distress

  • Female, early 40s
  • Omnivore
  • Very low energy
  • Years of on again/off again digestive distress, bloating + constipation
  • Naturally higher stress person + a recent divorce
  • New diagnosis of acid reflux
  • Sensitivities to foods that never used to bother her, especially garlic and onions
  • Has problems falling asleep and staying asleep

Goal: To have good energy throughout the day, better digestion and better sleep 

Here’s What We Did

  1. Gut Health: All of Barbara’s issues are connected to the gut, so we started with digestive health and specifically stomach breakdown firepower. A lemon water regimen was started. Then, we added bigger guns and targeted stomach breakdown assistance through supplementation, which eliminated a lot of bloating and acid reflux.
  2. Probiotics: A gut restoration probiotic was started, periodically switched up and continued throughout our work together eventually ending and using food to feed the healthy microbiome. 
  3. Diet Tweaking: Cutting off coffee at 10am helped Barbara’s sleep a lot.
  4. Cooked Foods: Encouraging cooked foods versus big raw salads for lunch was a win. We did this for three months and then slowly re-introduced big meal-sized salads.
  5. Removing Foods: Eliminating high FODMAP foods was very effective. We identified problematic food families and successfully avoided them for a period of time.

Mindfulness + Accountability

Tracking food and water helped with hydration and fiber consistency. Timed eating balanced out the energy of the day and got rid of the tiredness in the afternoon. Intermittent fasting gave her body a chance to rest. Barbara’s window was 12 hours.

The Outcome

Barbara and I worked together for six months, meeting bi-monthly or monthly, depending on schedule and progress. Food changes, targeted supplementation and lifestyle changes were made. Barbara met her goals, feeling energized through the day, with MUCH better digestion, including elimination of acid reflux, a better understanding of what causes bloating and reflux, and better sleep. Changes were slow, steady and incremental.