Strengthen Your Immunity: Spotlight on Vitamin C

Feed Your Virus-Fighting Army

With COVID-19 upon us, I’ve been asked “What should I be eating?” a lot recently.

The short answer is we should all be eating for immune health ALL THE TIME. Choosing real food naturally feeds your good gut bacteria, which is the bulk of our immune systems. Also, whole and homemade foods strengthen your virus-fighting army.

It doesn’t need to be time consuming or hard. Eating for immune health can simply mean throwing together colorful, old-fashioned ingredients for a nutritious meal.

Our food lends us LOTS of goodness, but for simplicity’s sake I’d like to focus on just one big do-gooder. Vitamin C without a doubt does help strengthen your immunity. If you’ve not been making the best food choices—there’s no time like the present to turn that around.

Here are some ways to get started and get Vitamin C working for you:

Best Vitamin C Food Sources 

Food                                                 mg per svg                  % Recommended Daily

Bell Peppers red, ½ cup                  95                                          106

Oranges, 1 med                               70                                           78

Kiwi, 1 med                                       64                                           71

Broccoli, ½ cup cooked                   51                                           57

Strawberries, ½ cup                        49                                            54

Brussels Sprouts, ½ cup cooked   48                                            53

Cantaloupe, ½ cup                           29                                            32

Cabbage, ½ cup cooked                  28                                            31

Cauliflower, ½ cup raw                    26                                            29

Potato, 1 medium baked                17                                            19

Tomato, 1 medium raw                  17                                            19

Spinach, ½ cup cooked                     9                                            10

Source: USDA nutrient chart

high vitamin c meal ideas

Breakfast Ideas
  1. Shake with unsweetened nut milk, strawberries, protein powder, cinnamon and hemp seeds
  2. Egg muffins with spinach, tomato and mushrooms
  3. Egg frittata with roasted cauliflower and potato with cilantro
Lunch Ideas
  1. Tomato soup and salad
  2. Roasted cauliflower soup with salad
  3. Baked stuffed red pepper with quinoa, onion, ground beef, parsley
Dinner Ideas
  1. Cauliflower tabbouleh with baked salmon
  2. Roasted Brussels with chicken skewers (chicken, onion, peppers)
  3. Beef and broccoli over cauliflower rice
Snack Ideas
  1. Orange with a handful of nuts
  2. Kiwi with a handful of nuts
  3. Strawberries with a handful of nuts
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