Skin Problems

What You Eat Impacts Your Skin

Beautiful, Clear Skin Starts With What You Put Into Your Body

Teenage Acne

Having gone through teenage acne with my three kids, I’ve learned a thing or two about diet and acne. For teens, acne is emotional, stressful and very painful psychologically and physically.

Diet does play a significant role in teenage acne. We know through lots of studies that dairy exacerbates the problems for most people. Sugar is another well-documented culprit for breakouts. And, generally, inflammation is a problem. Food sensitivity testing has been very  helpful for my kids and my client kids. Once we find the personalized culprits and set up a bio-individualized plan/framework that kids can manage, acne starts to clear up.

For this age group, it’s all about what they should eat, what they should avoid and how some targeted supplementation can ensure their bodies are getting what they need.

Hormones may be/probably are an issue, and we team up to address that as well. The teenage years are a tough enough time for kids. Clearing skin is a game changer for them. A change in diet to clear skin can make a significant impact in a teenager’s life.

Adult Acne/Rashes

Our skin naturally ages, but we can slow down the aging process by giving our bodies important skin nutrients to support skin’s cell turnover. Antioxidants in fruits and veggies (especially the deep, dark colors) really help skin. Proteins support collagen which translates to less wrinkles. Healthy fats are key to skin youthfulness. Minimizing sugars and drinking a ton of water also help skin stay younger looking. At Healthy Nest, that’s the basic anti-aging framework, but there is more detail to cover on vitamins and minerals, translating to a personalized diet for you — including menus, recipes and lots of tips, tricks and short-cuts to make it happen on the busiest of days. Why not eat for youthful skin?

Aging Skin

Our skin is our largest organ in the body, and it definitely shows what is going on in the body. If you struggle with rashes or skin patchy issues (eczema, etc.) look inside. Focusing on a healthful and personalized whole foods diet does make an impact. Other factors that you might need to explore include:

  • Sugar overload
  • Dairy issues
  • Other food sensitivities (testing is available to figure this out)
  • Too much inflammation in the system (anti-inflammatory diet and targeted spice and fat inflammation busting nutrients help
  • Bacterial imbalance in the large intestine (microbiome imbalance)