Simple Easy Cantaloupe Snack

It’s cantaloupe season–they are cheap at the markets, and very sweet.  I’ve never LOVED them, until now.  Try a bowl of cantaloupe for a quick snack-but this time add a generous sprinkle of cinnamon as well as some good sea salt.  It really brings the humble melon to a whole new level of goodness.  It’s super easy, has depth of flavor and is yummy like you haven’t seen in cut-up melon in a while.

In case you’re curious, cantaloupe is a great source of vitamin C & vitamin A, beta-carotene,and a pretty good source of potassium & B’s (specifically B1, 3, 6 & folate).  It’s got some antioxidant properties and does help with inflammation.  So it’s nutrient diversity is nice.  It is a little high in sugars, so if you’re watching your overall sugar load-please beware.

Environmental Working Group (the nonprofit that watches for pesticide exposure of foods) deemed it one of it’s CLEAN 15 foods in 2016, so it’s not as important to buy organic with cantaloupes.

Enjoy this whole, nutrient-dense new fave.